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Discover a different approach to learning English!

TOEFL and Cambridge Exam Preparation

Professor Diamond has prepared students for both the TOEFL and Cambridge exams with a 90% degree of success. Click here for details: TOEFL and Cambridge Exam Preparation.

Our Method

At the VerbMatrix School of English you will speak English. Our method focuses on interactive exercises where the students do most of the talking. Our unique approach to explaining the structure of the English language will provide students with easy-access mental resources that guarantee well formed phrases and precise communication.


Professor Jeff Diamond has three university degrees and 29 years of experience teaching languages (English/Spanish), linguistics, and Cambridge exam and TOEFL preparation; privately, in language academies, American universities and at TECNUN, the Engineering School at the University of Navarra.


Avenida de Tolosa, 85 (Antiguo), across the street from the University Psychology Department


Monday, October 3rd, 2017 to Thursday, June 28th, 2018, call or write about times of day.


Registration: 50€

One and a half hour classes:
October, November, February, May and June: 110€
December, January, March and April: 95€

One hour classes:
October, November, February, May and June: 90€
December, January, March and April: 80€

Course material included except for Cambridge and TOEFL exam preparation courses.
Maximum class size: 9

Level Exam

Click here to take the Self-Evaluation Level Exam.


Feel free to call or write with any question; schedule, level exam, etc.

Telephone: 666-48-29-70


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