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The TOEFL and the CAE

If you plan on studying in the US or Canada, you are going to need to pass the TOEFL exam. There are also 135 universities in the UK as well as English speaking campuses in other countries, such as the Scandinavian countries,that accept the TOEFL in place of or in addition to the CAE. If you plan on studying at one of the many universities in the UK, Ireland or Australia that the CAE you will need to pass the Cambridge Advanced. Here at the VerbMatrix School of English we have been successfully preparing students for both exams and we guarantee our results!


First Certificate and/or Interview


Avenida de Tolosa, 85 (Antiguo), across the street from the UPV Department of Psychology

Walking distance from:
UPV-Schools of Chemistry, Law, Computer Science, Philosophy and Psychology: 5 minutes
UPV-Schools of Business, Architecture and Education: 10 minutes
Tecnun: 5 Minutes


If the exam is within the first 10 days of the month, there is no monthly fee for that month, between day 11 and day 20, 60€ monthly fee, after day 20, full monthly fee.

Guarantee: If you do not receive an 80 on the TOEFL or pass the Cambridge Advanced the next 2 months of TOEFL prep are 40% off.


Registration: 50€

One and a half hour classes:
October, November, February, May and June: 110€
December, January, March and April: 95€

One hour classes:
October, November, February, May and June: 90€
December, January, March and April: 80€

Course material not included for Cambridge and TOEFL exam preparation courses.
Maximum class size: 9


Feel free to call or write with any question.

Telephone: 666-48-29-70


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