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VerbMatrix provides a wide range of printable worksheets that correspond to the first three levels of verb lists (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced). Each worksheet comes with a variety of exercises to practice English Irregular Verbs and students that go through every worksheet on their level will have the opportunity to practice every past and/or past participle on the list in either core or prefixed form.

In addition to providing practice for the irregular verbs, the worksheets also present a progression of grammatical issues that are consistent with each level:

  1. Beginner Worksheet 3 introduces prefixed verbs (i.e. draw → withdraw, overdraw).
  2. Beginner Worksheet 4 introduces contracted present perfect forms (I've, you've, she's, haven't, etc.).
  3. Past and the Past Participle fill-in phrases are separated into two different sections up until Intermediate Worksheet 3 where these sections are combined and students must determine from the context whether to use the Past or Past Participle.
  4. Intermediate Worksheet 4 introduces fill-in paragraphs where the students must identify the meaning of the verb in addition to providing its Past or Past Participle. This worksheet also introduces phrases with the pluperfect.
  5. Intermediate Worksheet 6 introduces additional contractions (must've, should've, could've).
  6. Advanced Worksheet 3 introduces the future perfect and contractions with the pluperfect (I'd, she'd, we'd, they'd, etc.).
  7. Advanced Worksheet 4 introduces the conditional perfect and "If" statements with the corresponding contraction (would've).

VerbMatrix Worksheets are also designed to be used as exams and have the following point values:

  1. Beginner Worksheet 1 through Intermediate Worksheet 3: 30 points
  2. Intermediate Worksheet 4 through Advanced Worksheet 4: 40 points
  3. Advanced Worksheets 5 and 6: 50 points

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